Financial Policy

The Controller's Office is responsible for a suite of University policies related to financial activities. Policies are not generally established to cover every specific eventuality, instead they are built to serve as a foundation to help units comply with laws or other regulatory requirements and assist in mitigating risk to the University.

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Accounting and Financial Oversight

Policy Title Related Procedures
Agency Funds
Charging of Facilities and Administrative/Indirect Costs to Sponsored Projects
Classifying and Recording Sponsorships for University-Hosted Events/Activities
Documenting Financial/Accounting Transactions  
Effort Certification
Financial Transaction Approvals and Routing
Fixed Price Contracts, Including Clinical Trials
General Accounting
Managing Billings to and Receivables from External Customers
Managing Program Income Earned on Sponsored Projects
Offering Cost Sharing (including Matching and In-Kind Contributions) on Sponsored Projects
Processing Accounting Transactions
Reconciling and Verifying General Ledger Accounts and Other Financial Information
Selling Goods and Services to External Customers
Selling Goods and Services to University Departments

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Financial Helpline: 612-624-1617
[email protected]

1300 2nd Street S Minneapolis, MN 55454 (WBOB)
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Controller's Office units are housed in the West Bank Office Building (WBOB) and in the McNamara Alumni Center on the Twin Cities campus.