The Financial Systems User Network (FSUN) is an organization comprised of over 700 University employees who have finance-related job duties or are interested in finance-related topics. This organization has existed in some form since the early 1990s. 

FSUN's web home is within the Financial Management Advisory Committee (FinMAC) page, because it is a subcommittee of FinMAC.

The Financial Systems User Network (FSUN) has assisted in enhancing the financial systems environment and knowledge of those working in finance-related roles at the University of Minnesota for nearly 30 years. FSUN focuses on the needs of those using the financial system and related procedures. This organization has a long history of providing excellent and vital networking opportunities for information exchange and support for people working in finance areas throughout the University system.

You may be aware of another important group in the University's finance community called the Financial Management Advisory Committee (FinMAC). FinMAC is a standing committee formed by the University's Chief Financial Officer to provide recommendations and structured feedback from the financial community to the University's financial leadership and the management team reporting to the CFO. The committee provides regular input on all aspects of financial management. FinMAC focuses on all levels of financial operations, but is especially valuable in representing the "big picture" needs of colleges and administrative units.

In the spirit of improved service to and representation of the finance community across the University, the FSUN Board of Directors and the committee members of the FinMAC agreed to join forces and move forward together as one entity beginning July 1, 2016. FSUN is guided by a subcommittee of FinMAC focused on continuing the long history of success in representing the perspective of the "end user" of financial policies, procedures, and systems.

Why become a member of FSUN?

If you are a full-time or part-time employee of the University of Minnesota and are involved in any aspect of financial management related to originating, maintaining, or using financial information, you are encouraged to join FSUN. As a member of FSUN, you will be invited to attend periodic events that highlight detailed information on the latest features to our financial systems, visions for the future, topic-specific discussions, and more.

FSUN members are:

  1. University of Minnesota employees.
  2. Involved full-time or part-time in any aspect of financial management related to originating, maintaining, or using financial system information.
  3. Interested in continually improving the financial systems and increasing effective use of the financial systems as financial reporting, recording and management decision-making systems.
  4. Willing to participate in guiding the future direction of the financial systems.
  5. Interested in supporting other financial system users through networking and information exchange.

Do you want to join FSUN (or leave the group)?

FSUN members are made part of a Google Group ("fsun-group" in Google Groups). You can request addition/leave the group via Google Groups or you can ask the people at [email protected] to assist. Be sure you use your official University of Minnesota email address (ending in @umn.edu).