Business Process Owner (BPO) Services Level Agreements (SLAs)

Accounts Receivable Services (Non-Sponsored)

Activity Services provided

Customer File Maintenance

Create or maintain customer within two business days.

Finalize, Print, & Mail Bills

Once bill is in "ready" status, bills will be finalized, printed and mailed within two business days.

Payment Application

Apply identifiable payments within two business days of receipt.

Billing Module Item Maintenance

Process change within two business days. Includes:

  • Charge Codes
  • Distribution Codes
  • Bill Source details

Accounting Services

Activity Services provided

ChartField Program Maintenance/Entry

Create or maintain Program values within ten business days.

ChartField 1 (CF1), ChartField 2 (CF2), and FinEmplID Maintenance/Entry

Create or maintain CF1, CF2, FinEmplID values within five business days.


Based on established submission deadlines, setup and approval of allocations within ten business days.

Journal Approval (>$30K) Manual journal entries will be either approved or denied within three business days, depending on volume of journals.

Asset maintenance (capital assets)

Update/add donated asset within two business days, dependent on the completeness of information provided by unit(s) involved.

Sell assets outside the U of M (capital assets)

Provide Fair Market Value within two business days.
Payment Vouchers (>$50K) In all cases, all activity will be approved or denied prior to the general ledger cutoff for a period end. Reviewed and either approved or denied within two business days.

Purchasing Services, accounts payable

Activity Services provided

Express/Manual/Off-cycle Payments

Based on established submission deadlines (processed, approved, and received in Disbursements by noon) for a same day check.

Vendor File Creation & Maintenance

Create or maintain vendor within 3 to 5 business days.


Image processing completed within 3 to 5 business days.

Purchasing Services, purchasing

Activity Services provided

Procurement Reconciliation and Oversight (Month-End & Year-End)

Close all un-sourced, below the threshold requisitions aged more than 6 months AND close requisitions with $10 or less remaining unsourced.

Close all Purchase Orders where receiving and voucher processing have been completed and < $10 remains.

Ship To location code

Create or maintain Ship To location code within two business days.

Contracts for Professional Services related approvals

Take action on or approval contracts within three business days. Contract details may include but are not limited to:

  • Evidence of Price Reasonableness
  • Scope of Work
  • Basis for Contractor Selection & Price