Risk Management & Insurance

A Business Process Managed by Risk Management & Insurance

These resources will help you to understand what risks the University is concerned with, what tools are available to manage risk, and how to report important events to the University.

Reporting Claims and Events

Injuries to University Employees (Workers Compensation- eFROI)

Damage to University Property


Workers' Compensation

Certificate of Insurance

When the University enters into contracts for goods or services, the other party often requires evidence of University insurance.  

If the other party requires the University to list them as an additional insured, please complete and submit a Certificate of Insurance Request Form (pdf). Risk Management will have a certificate issued within three to five business days. Otherwise, please provide them with the attached evidence of coverage certificate of insurance (pdf).

Medical Credentialing Process

Insurance for outside parties

Those using University facilities; including Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) will require "TULIP Coverage":

Safety Fund Grants

Safety Fund grants are available to units and departments to make purchases of durable equipment that enhance employee safety.

Expenditures generally excluded from consideration include:

  • Normal operational expenses: Personal protective equipment and consumables typically required to perform job duties: protective eyewear or goggles, respirators, dust masks, special clothing, first aid supplies, latex gloves, etc.
  • Expenses better addressed by HEAPR funding: Equipment integral to the building structure and essential to its current or intended use or maintenance: fire alarms, fire protection/control, hand rails, barriers, general HVAC, etc.
  • Ongoing expenses: subscriptions, training, etc. that regularly recurs.

Please complete and submit this application to Risk Management for consideration: Safety Fund Authorization Form

International Operations

The Office of Risk Management participates on the Global Operations Advisory Team, which works with units across the University to assure comprehensive and timely response to international operations questions regarding foreign

  • tax
  • banking and cash management
  • purchasing
  • legal issues
  • human resources
  • insurance

Visit the Global Operations web site at http://global.umn.edu/operations/index.html for more information.


All policies and proceedures related to Risk Management are housed in the University Policy Library; including: