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Reliable financial information is essential to effectively manage the business of the University and protect its assets. These courses and materials address the responsibilities everyone has for managing the finances and reputation of the University. The financial business process owners (BPOs) partner with the Financial Training team to create and provide training for the community.

The Financial Resources Job Aid contains reference information helpful to those working in finance at the University.

Prerequisites and Training

Visit the requirements page, look for the task/transaction desired, see a description of the course, and check which prerequisites are required. Click on the registration link for each duty to check availability.

Checking Training History

In MyU, navigate to the Reporting Center. The Training History report is available under the Human Resource Management subject area:

MyU > Key Links > Reporting Center, filter for "Training History"

How to Access Online Courses and Assessments

  1. Log in to Training Hub.
  2. For registration instructions, see the Training Hub Learner Guide (click "Enroll in Training").
  3. Once an instructor-led course is complete, registration for its assessment is required.

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