Sponsored Financial Reporting

Sponsored Financial Reporting (SFR) is an institutional unit that is part of the Controller's Office.

Many steps in the Sponsored Financial Reporting business processes are completed cooperatively between university departments and SFR staff accountants.

  • Preparing and submitting financial reports and invoices: SFR staff accountants work with Principal Investigators and Department Administrators to prepare sponsor required financial invoices and reports. Invoices and reports are prepared based on the frequency and due date requirements established by the sponsor and written in the award documents. 
  • Receiving revenue: SFR collection representatives follow up with the sponsor on all past due invoices to ensure receipt of payment on invoices and work with both sponsors and acadeimic departments on quality or quantity issues related to non-payment.

  • Award closeout: SFR closes all sponsored awards in the financial system once the award is over, all spending is complete, and all payments received.

  • Audits: SFR coordinates sponsor, state and federal financial audits including the Annual Uniform Guidance (Single) Reports of expenditures of federal awards. They provide information for the University's annual reports, supplemental schedules and consolidated financial statements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Closing a sponsored award in Peoplesoft Financials is a joint effort between SFR and the academic departments. SFR has created a checklist (pdf) as a tool to facilitate the close out process.

A job aid (pdf) and calculations worksheet (xlsx) are available to assist academic departments with NIH salary cap payroll and cost sharing calculations.

The University generally has 90 days after the award end date to submit the final financial report. To meet that deadline all transactions should be processed by the department within 60 days of the end date so that the final financial report can be prepared by SFR and reviewed by the PI and department.

When the University is a subrecipient on an award, the University has 60 days to submit a final report/invoice to the pass-through institution. For these types of awards departments would have less than 60 days after the end date to process transactions.

PeopleSoft Financials will not allow any transactions beginning at 90 days after the end date. If for some reason there is activity that belongs on a sponsored project but the deadlines have passed, contact your SFR accountant as soon as possible.

Uniform Guidance 2014

Expect significant policy, procedure, business process, system, and training changes as SFR implements the new federal Uniform Guidance (replacing OMB Circulars A-21, A-110, and A-133) and implements other significant agency changes, such as the move to NIH subaccounts.

SFR is most grateful to the U community for the great response to our request for volunteers to help with the Uniform Guidance. We have created seven Uniform Guidance Work Groups, shown below, in addition to our Uniform Guidance Steering Committee and some very talented individual specialists.

  • Costing
  • Pre-Award / Sub-Award
  • COI Work
  • Purchasing
  • Property
  • HR / Effort
  • Post-Award


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Number of days following award termination that departmental review of financial reports and financial draw/invoice submissions are due back to SFR:

  • USDA - Food and Nutrition Services - 81
  • NASA - 80
  • USDE - 55
  • Other federal letter of credit sponsors, including DHHS and NSF - 85
  • All other sponsors: 5 days before the due date stipulated in the award's terms and conditions