Accounts Receivable Services

Non-Sponsored Billing & Accounts Receivable Services (NSAR)

Accounts Receivable Services is responsible for establishing institutional billing, receivables, and payment card policies and procedures. We support departments throughout the University in the areas of customer maintenance, non-sponsored billing, accounts receivable, payment processing, sales tax remittance and collections. Our unit provides processes and systems to ensure funds due to the University are billed, collected, and reconciled in a timely manner with appropriate internal controls over cash receipts. This team administers the payment card program which enables departments to accept credit and debit cards for payment of goods and services. Accounts Receivable Services also works with departments to ensure compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and with federal and state laws related to privacy of customer data and identity theft prevention.


David Laden


Staff List & Organization Chart

Phone: 612-625-2392
Fax: 612-626-3969

Business Processes & Functions

Accounts Receivable

AR01 Item entry
AR02 Payment Entry, incl Lockbox, Dept Deposits
AR04 Payment Application, incl Payment Predictor
AR06 Collections, incl Customer Correspondence
AR07 Analyze Receivables, incl Aging
AR08 Item Maintenance
AR09 Sales Tax Reporting
AR10 Merchant Card Processing, incl PCI DSS
AR11 AR Maintenance
AR12 WorkCenter
AR80 Batch Processing
AR90 Integration
AR99 Write-offs


BI01 Customer Maintenance
BI02 Create Bills
BI05 Finalize and Print
BI06 Adjust Bills
BI07 WorkCenter
BI08 BI Maintenance
BI80 Batch Processing
BI90 Integration