Business Process Owners

The University's financial operations and Enterprise Financial System (EFS) are organized by business process. Each of these processes has one or more Business Process Owners (BPOs). Many of those BPOs are part of the Controller's Office but there are other offices involved as well (see list below).

BPOs are responsible for each of the processes necessary to conduct the business of the University. Each owner is responsible for the creation, update, and approval of policies, procedures, work instructions, or protocols to support the function.

The business process owners work together and with the rest of the University's governance structure to ensure that the financial system meets the needs of the entire enterprise.

Mitigation or control of risk is a significant part of a process owner's responsibility. Balancing necessary controls with efficiency, convenience, and ease of use is a constant challenge in all business enterprises, not just at the University of Minnesota.

Occasionally it is difficult to tell whether a portion of a process is required or if it is something that "we've always just done" and there may no longer be a good reason to continue to perform that work. If you think there may be an inefficiency in a process, please let the BPOs know via the University Financial Helpline. Though all of the business processes are periodically reviewed, suggestions from the U community are welcome and appreciated.

Why is that step in policy and procedure?

All processes are designed with the following in mind:

  • Applicable laws
  • Regulatory agency requirements
  • Sponsor requirements or guidelines
  • University policy
  • Best business practices
  • System requirements
  • Impact on departments and colleges

If you have an in-depth question about why a certain process works the way it does or a suggestion for change, the BPOs are happy to provide information or consider recommendations for change.

Many process improvements directly result from suggestions made by those performing the work, so please don't be shy about speaking up. Process owners may be contacted directly or you may work with the University Financial Helpline to address your specific concern or inquiry.

    Michael Volna, Associate Vice President, Controller's Office (all business processes)

    Julie Tonneson, Budget Director, Office of Budget and Finance (budget, reporting)

    Stuart Mason, Associate Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, Asset Management (banking, treasury)

    Sue Paulson, Controller, Controller's Office (external sales, internal sales, reporting; all other business processes)

    Beth Tapp, Director, Purchasing Services (all purchasing, procurement card, travel, expenses, accounts payable)

    Carole Fleck, Director of Debt Management, Budget and Finance (treasury)

    David Laden, Director of Non-Sponsored Accounts Receivable, Controller's Office (accounts receivable)

    Kevin McKoskey, Senior Associate Director, Sponsored Projects Administration (grants, projects, contracts)

    Nicole Pilman, Director of Sponsored Financial Reporting, Controller's Office (accounts receivable, grants, projects, contracts, reporting)

    Mollie Viola, Director of Accounting Services, Controller's Office (general ledger, capital asset management, treasury accounting, endowments, reporting)

    Stacy Hebdon, Director of Treasury Operations, Office of Investment and Banking (banking, treasury)

Ex Officio Financial Business Process Owners:

    Carrie Meyer, EFS Customer Support, Controller's Office (portal content for finance; end user support; communications)

    Dan Hemauer, EFS Module Support Teams, Controller's Office (system support, business analysis, project management)