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ESUP Enterprise Systems Upgrade Project

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ESUP Finance Workstream

ESUP Finance Workstream: Good news for people using EFS!
The upgrade team is working on one web page everyone can visit to prepare for the upgrade.

Most people will be able to complete all of their EFS upgrade preparation online.
The upgrade of EFS is scheduled to launch (or “go live”) in February of 2015 for all of the PeopleSoft enterprise systems. Right now, staff with the following roles will have to do a bit more work than everyone else to get ready: PCard reconcilers, PCard approvers, travel & expense preparers, and travel & expense approvers. Read More..

Upgrade News for Finance

Part One: ChartField strings, Workflow and Approval

One of the most common questions people ask about the Finance or Enterprise Financial System (EFS) upgrade is, “What exactly is changing?” Until recently, the finance teams could not answer that question in detail. The teams could have guessed but before now, no one could have known exactly what would change until the work groups completed a lot of analysis work. Nearly all the analysis is complete now and they have information to share!

This effort, for EFS, is an upgrade of the existing system. In general, massive changes to financial business processes are not planned nor are they expected. Nevertheless, there will be changes made, since we have the opportunity to address major pain points for end users of the system and business processes in some areas. The proposed changes to the Financial system and business processes have been warmly received when reviewed by representative affected community members and advisory groups. Read more...

Spring FSUN Meeting 2014

FSUN recently sponsored their Spring General Membership meeting on April 12, 2014. The meeting, held in Coffman's Great Hall, attracted over 200 members and guests. Topics of discussion included changes to sponsored letter of credit draws, University budgetary concerns, and a new travel policy. To download slides from this meeting and view the recording of the meeting, click here...