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We have always focused on delivering quality financial reporting at the University of Minnesota. In recent years, especially since December of 2010, we have assembled a process by which we have enhanced and delivered stronger financial reporting. Currently three committees help guide financial reporting strategy and theory for initiatives including new reporting development and reporting enhancements. These committees are made up of business process owners from central units and finance directors, business analysts, data analysts or accountants from various colleges across the University. Membership for each of these three committees, including a description for each, is detailed below. Typically, proposals for new reporting or reporting enhancements are vetted through two of the committees (the Finance Report Design Team and the Finance Strategic Reporting Committee). The third committee (the BPO Reporting Team) prioritizes work requests based on feedback from the first two committees. A fourth group (EFS Module Support-Reporting) takes the prioritized list as provided by the BPO Reporting Team and facilitates the technical builds required to meet reporting requirements.


Three committees have been formed to help guide the University's strategy and theory related to financial reporting.

Finance Report Design Team

The Finance Report Design Team, known as the FRDT, consists of people in the University community who create, process, and review transactions in our financial system on a daily basis as part of their normal job duties. The committee was created to provide tactical guidance for the University's central financial reporting units.

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Members of the FRDT are:
Christopher Andrews
Jerian Lind
Julie Tonneson - BPO
Kathy Smith
Liz Hinske
Mary Allen
Nathan Kopka
Nicole Pilman
Rick Huismann
Sherrie Kutzler
Suzanne Paulson
William Kenney

Finance Strategic Reporting Committee

The Finance Strategic Reporting Committee, known as the FSRC, consists of program and finance directors from the University community. The group was created to provide strategic guidance for the University's central financial reporting units.

Members of the FSRC are:
Brian Krupski
Julie Tonneson
Karen Dewanz
Kristy Frost-Griep
Mark Erickson
Michelle Wills
Sherrie Kutzler - BPO
Sue Bosell
Sue Paulson - BPO
William Kenney - BPO
Nicole Pilman

BPO Reporting Team

The BPO Reporting Team consists of the business process owners (BPOs) for financial reporting and the team lead of the EFS Module Support's Reporting Team.

Members of the BPO team are:
Sherrie Kutzler (BPO)
Suzanne Paulson (BPO)
Julie Tonneson (BPO)
Bill Kenney (EFS Module Support-Reporting Team Lead)