Procurement Card (PCard)

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Using the University Procurement Card

Level III PCard transaction data from merchants

The level III data on PCard purchases provides a more detailed description of the purchase, which may assist in identifying possible fraudulent activity when comparing the level III details to the details on the receipts. The level III detail should be compared to the receipts, when reconciling and approving pcard transactions.

The number of merchants providing level III data is constantly changing; as a result, the list may not be all inclusive. This list will be updated periodically.

Business Processes

PO99 PCard Application & Configuration
EX02 Processing Expense Reports (My Wallet)


Department Card Administrators: DCA list (Google Sheet)

Questions about the PCard program should be Emailed to

Information about 2014 change to the new PCard provider, US Bank


Training materials related to these processes are available on our training page.

PCard Frequently Asked Questions

Level three data (aka level III data or level 3 data) lists out which items were purchased. For example, airfare purchases will contain level three data that includes ticket information. Target, Amazon, Office Depot purchases will usually include a list of specific items purchased. It depends on the merchant whether there is any level three data or not.

All transactions will be already converted into U.S. Dollars using the appropriate exchange rates for the date of the activity.