Procurement Card Provider Change

On May 1, 2014 the University of Minnesota will transition to a new Procurement Card, a Visa supplied by US Bank. 

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Instructions on activating your new US Bank Visa PCard.


April 1 - April 30, Cardholders

  • Continue to use current Wells Fargo Mastercard for allowable purchases.
  • New US Bank Visa cards will be mailed to cardholders on approximately April 15.
  • Receive and activate new US Bank Visa card and store the card in a secure location until May 1.
  • Update stored card information with merchants where you have set up recurring charges, travel profiles, etc.
  • Some departments may have elected not to issue new cards to all current cardholders. Please contact your Department Card Administrator with questions or concerns.
  • Those receiving new cards should expect to receive email reminders from the PCard Program office about the transition to the new card.
  • Cardholders traveling between April 15 and May 1 should alert the PCard Program office of their return date, to ensure their current Wells Fargo MasterCard remains active until they return or have a chance to receive/activate their new US Bank Visa card.

April 1 - April 30, Department Card Administrators (DCAs)

  • During the transition period the University is unable to process new applications or replacement Mastercard requests with Wells Fargo. These requests will instead be processed as US Bank Visa requests, with cards available/active as early as May 1.
  • During the transition the University is only able to process changes to credit limits for Wells Fargo Mastercards through April 30; the changes will not carry over to the new US Bank Visa.
  • Similarly, any changes to the status of a US Bank Visa cannot be made until after May 1, including card cancellation (all ordered cards will be delivered).

May 1, Cardholders

  • Start using US Bank Visa PCards for any allowable purchases.
  • Wells Fargo Mastercards will be deactivated (will not work).
  • Wells Fargo Mastercards should be destroyed.
  • If you have not yet received your new card, contact your DCA.

May 2 – July 1, PCard Reconcilers and Approvers in EFS

  • Monitor both Wells Fargo and US Bank PCard activity in EFS to ensure all transactions were reconciled.
  • Ensure Wells Fargo Mastercard supporting documentation/reports are imaged separately from US Bank Visa supporting documentation/reports, even if it is for the same cardholder. Please don't scan both into the system as one set of images.

May 2 – July 1, Department Card Administrators

  • Contact cardholders to ensure they have received their new cards and address issues with the PCard Program office as necessary.

July 1, PCard Reconcilers and Approvers in EFS

  • Transition will be complete. Continue to monitor exclusively for US Bank Activity in EFS.