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PeopleSoft Financials 9.2 messages

Audience Date Message
Purchasing 7/31/2018 Supplier/Vendor setup or change requests: Due to unforseen circumstances there is a delay in processing new supplier requests/change requests. The team is working to take action on all requests within 5 business days of arrival in Purchasing Services. If you have a request submitted more than 5 business days ago and the matter is urgent, please contact us via
General Ledger 7/30/2018

Carryforward for period 913 posted BUT the endowment income distribution entries are not accurately reflected in the balances. These endowment-related transactions posted out of order, resulting in just those balances not being in the carryforward. 

  • On Sunday July 29, the REVERSALS for the endowment income distribution posted in period 1 of FY19 (before the original entry posted in period 913 of FY18). This caused that entry to not get picked up in the carryforward entry that posted Sunday for period 913.
  • Today, Monday July 30, the original entry for the endowment income distribution posted in 913 of FY18.
    • Balances in production EFS today for endowments will appear as expected.
    • Balances in the reporting instance of EFS today for endowments will NOT appear as expected (they will be less than expected). Reporting balances should be updated tomorrow.
  • Carryforward for endowments for period 913 of FY18 will be incorrect. System support staff and Accounting Services are working on how best to correct the carryforward balances.
Chrome River 7/22/2018

Chrome River Expense Reports Payment Status Update
Before this update, Chrome River expense reports held an exported status after being fully approved and sent to EFS for payment. Now the status field will update to indicate "paid" the day after a payment has been posted in EFS. A new section will appear on the Chrome River expense report header summary for payment data and includes fields for date, payment method, check/reference ID, and amount. In the case of a UMN paid or journal voucher, the reference will be the Journal ID of the posted voucher.

ePro 7/22/2018 Requisition Attachments
Per purchasing policy, requisitions that total between $10,000 and $49,999.99 require a completed UM1819 form. To help ensure this, a header level attachment is now required for any requisition that totals between $10,000 and $49,999.99 that is not a U Market or prepaid debit card (PPDC) requisition. The preparer will be unable to save if an attachment is not present. To prevent system errors, every attachment (at the header or line level) must now be accompanied by a comment, and only one attachment per comment box is allowed. These system edit rules will apply to all requisitions, regardless of the requisition’s total dollar amount or type.
General Ledger 7/19/2018 Period 913 is closed
All 7/17/2018 [RESOLVED] Attachments within PeopleSoft. There were widespread reports that attaching (uploading) supporting documentation in EFS was not working. System support and IT staff have resolved the problem. Resume normal operations, and thanks again for your patience while this got fixed!
General Ledger 7/11/2018 Period 12 is closed, period 913 is open
Payroll Accounting 6/21/2018

Fiscal year-end: payroll encumbrances

All non-sponsored and cost-share payroll encumbrances have been zeroed out for fiscal year 2018.  Payroll encumbrances for sponsored chartstrings will continue to be available on payroll reports until June 30th, when they will be zeroed out on the last day of the fiscal year.  On July 1st, all payroll encumbrances will be calculated for fiscal year 2019. 

Reminder: No daily payroll encumbrance adjustments will be available between June 21st and July 3rd.  

Reports 6/18/2018

[Resolved] PeopleSoft Reports printing issues

PeopleSoft reports are displaying blank pages or not displaying at all. We are aware of this issue and looking to resolve it. A work around is available. In EFS Finance Production go to Main Menu -> Reporting Tools -> Report Manager. Then click on the Administration tab and then click refresh. Your reports should be listed there. 

Payroll Accounting


[Resolved] Pay Period 26 Data from HCM 

The pay period 26 bi-weekly payroll data has been loaded into the data warehouse DWPY tables and is now being rendered on Payroll Accounting UM Reports.

General Ledger 6/11/2018 Period 11 is closed.
Payroll Accounting 6/11/2018 Payroll Accounting Distributions for FY 2019
On Sunday June 10, Accounting Services completed the payroll accounting distribution roll for fiscal year 2019. All current and future-dated payroll accounting distributions were automatically copied forward into the new 2019 entry and are available for review today, Monday, June 11. If any distribution changes are needed for the 26th pay period that should also apply to the first pay period of 2019, distribution changes must be made in both 2018 and 2019.
Accounts Payable 6/7/2018 Redirection Errors on UM 1734 Express (Same-Day) Payment Request / Change in Voucher Pay Date and UM 1733 Stop Payment / Check Copy Request
These forms are currently giving a redirection error and are unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Expenses Module & Reporting 6/5/2018

System processing ran long, cash advances, travel authorizations, and expense reports in PeopleSoft did not budget check last night. Last night some system processing was delayed and is still running. The situation is such that Expense module activity from yesterday cannot be processed until tonight. Cash advances, travel authorizations, and expense reports approved or entered in PeopleSoft yesterday remain in the state they were yesterday at the end of business.

Also due to this delay: Expense and Grants, Projects, & Contracts transactions entered yesterday may not be reflected in Finance UM Reports or UM Analytics today. 

This does not impact activity flowing through Chrome River.

Again, processing will complete tonight.

Training 6/5/2018 U Learn is no longer available. The new Training Hub is available to University learners today, Tuesday, June 5. 
  • Partially completed course progress were not transferred.
  • Training records will be maintained and continue to be available in the data warehouse.
  • If you're having trouble registering for a finance-related course (prerequisites not being recognized as completed, etc.) please call us at 612-624-1617 or email We can help you get registered!
Reporting 5/21/2018 UM Reports & UM Analytics
Transaction Detail reports (3 total – 2 UMR and 1 UMA)
The data source for the Transaction Detail reports in both UM Reports and UM Analytics has been updated to include descriptions interfaced to the financial system from the Chrome River employee travel voucher interface.
All 5/16/2018

RESOLVED: Impact to help via email ( or

Per the IT System Status page

IT Service Management: As early as 02:45 AM this morning, the university's ticketing system (ServiceNow) experienced an issue causing many user's IDs in that system to become deactivated. If you are attempting to email a help desk email address, such as or or it is likely that your email will not go through. At this time we recommend you call in to receive help. IT has technicians working on the issue. Visit to view the most up-to-date information.

Expenses Module 5/11/2018

RESOLVED: System processing ran long, cash advances, travel authorizations, and expense reports in PeopleSoft did not fully process last night. Last night some system processing was delayed and is still running. The situation is such that Expenses module activity from yesterday cannot be processed until tonight. Cash advances, travel authorizations, and expense reports approved or entered in PeopleSoft yesterday remain in the state they were yesterday at the end of business. Again, processing will complete tonight. [This does not impact activity flowing through Chrome River.]

All 5/8/2018 Normal processing may resume.
All 5/8/2018

 (Resolved) Please halt all Peoplesoft transactions until further notice

Last night some system processing was delayed and is still running. This is causing slow processing online for people. Especially impacted are any transactions that need budget checking or can be budget checked by preparers or approvers.

Please halt entering tranactions at this time, including Requisitions, Journals, EFS Expense Reports and Vouchers.

Your patience is appreciated.

Payroll Accounting 5/4/2018

Payroll Accounting Direct Retro Processing Delays

Direct retro distributions entered and approved after 11 AM on Thursday, May 3rd will be processed this morning between 11 AM and 1 PM. The direct retros will post to the General Ledger this evening and be available on UM Reports tomorrow.

All 5/3/2018 The University of Minnesota is transitioning from ULearn to a new training administration system, Training Hub. Training Hub is scheduled to be available to University learners beginning Tuesday, June 5. Since December, the training system transition team and content providers have been working to ensure our course content is moved and will be available in the new system. Important dates:
  • June 1 at midnight - Learners no longer have access to ULearn.
  • June 5 at 8:00 a.m. - Learners gain access to Training Hub.
  • June 30 at midnight - Training administrators no longer have access to ULearn and all content and data in ULearn is no longer available to anyone at the University.
What learners need to know:
  • Plan ahead, between Friday June 1 at midnight and Tuesday June 5 at 8:00 a.m., no one will be able to access training courses.
  • Partially completed course progress will not be transferred and people will have to start over if not done by June 1.
  • Training records will be maintained and continue to be available in the data warehouse.
Questions about financial training courses should be directed to or call 612-624-1617.
All 4/26/2018

Start reviewing your activity that's not fully processed

Before we enter the extremely busy final budgeting season and fiscal year-end period, now is a very good time for transaction preparers and approvers to review all pending activity (activity not fully processed or approved). Take action to clear things up.

Requisition preparers: if you ensure all your requisitions are either closed (with a valid budget) or have made it to PO status (with a valid budget), your fiscal year end should be fairly smooth! Remember that just because something has been "sent back" doesn't mean there's nothing left to do. Make sure it gets closed if it's not needed (and again, closed with a valid budget). Requisitions closed with budget errors will end up with their related encumbrances stuck on your reports forever.

All 4/20/2018 UPDATE, POSTPONED: The database (Oracle) update for PeopleSoft and MyU applications that was scheduled to begin Saturday, April 21 has been postponed. PeopleSoft and MyU will be available according to the usual weekend schedule.
U Market 4/13/2018

Resolved: U Market back to regular operations except punchout to Innovative

U Market processing has returned to its normal state. System issues have been resolved and processing is working smoothly. Workaround for Innovative: Go to the main screen within U Market and click on the Innovative box. Another box pops up. Click on the word punchout, and proceed with the order.

U Market screen showing Innovative icon clicked, Punchout selected

General Ledger 4/10/2018 Period 9 is closed
U Market 4/12/2018

Update: 1:50 p.m. Thursday

U Market appears to have been stabilized

The U Market software provider, Jaggaer, seems to have resolved the outstanding issues. Processing in U Market has caught up through this morning and is expected to catch up with all of today's processing by the end of business today. Please do not duplicate orders--the system issues seem to have been resolved and processing is working smoothly. (U Market has been experiencing slow processing and dropped connection issues from April 9 through today.) Again, thank you for your patience.

Merchants, external sales units 4/5/2018

Merchants, external sales

Payment Card transactions misidentified. Due to an unforeseen change by Oracle as part of the updates installed the weekend of March 24-25, Visa transactions are incorrectly identified as MasterCard on the UM_DBI_MERCHANT_REVENUE_RPT query beginning 03/24/18. A correction is being completed in EFS today. This does not affect the dollar amount or chartstring detail of your payment card activity, only the card type identification in EFS.

Requisitions, U Market orderers 3/29/2018

(Resolved) Requisition Preparers and U Market Order Requisition Preparers: Due to a long running process in EFS, requisitions and POs are not being processed in PeopleSoft. Some products may experience a delay in delivery.

Expense Report Preparers and Approvers 3/29/2018

(Resolved) Attention Expense Report Approvers: The issues of budget checking for expense reports have been resolved.

Expense Report Preparers 3/28/2018

Normal processing may resume. 

All 3/28/2018

Transaction processing still in progress: A few minor issues developed Monday, related to the PeopleSoft system maintenance that occurred over the weekend. The issue persisted into Tuesday. Batch processing is still running. The system is available for use but not all activity is fully processed.

Reporting  3/28/2018

Reporting delay. Since most of our batch processing is occurring later than usual, much of the data refresh for UM Reports and UM Analytics will be delayed until the start of business Thursday. 

Expenses 3/27/2018

(resolved) Please halt all Peoplesoft Expense Report creation until further notice

Please refrain from processing any expense reports within EFS, including those to reconcile pcard transactions until further notice. Engineers are currently investigating the issue. Chrome River expense reports can still be processed as they are not affected by this issue. Further updates will be posted here.

All 3/26/2018

7:00 pm: Transaction processing delayed

A few minor issues developed Monday, related to the PeopleSoft system maintenance that occurred over the weekend. So as not make the issues worse, we delayed transaction processing in EFS while technicians review options for resolution.

Expenses 3/26/2018 Expense Reports, Notes field issues. People report that when they type something in the Notes field on an Expense Report and save it, the Notes field contents seem to disappear. Some are able to view the Notes entered by saving the Expense Report, exiting, and re-accessing the ER. Others following those same steps are not able to see any Notes entered. System support staff are investigating.
All 3/26/2018 Please clear your cache. System maintenance was performed over the weekend on PeopleSoft Financials (aka EFS). Clearing your cache after maintenance like this is always helpful and ensures the best possible experience. If you're unsure how to clear your cache, this is something that should become part of your routine. Instructions are available from IT:
Budgeting 3/23/2018 Please refrain from pressing the HR Data Refresh button on the Positions page at this time. If done, it will wipe out the data. This will be fixed early next week.
Reporting 3/22/2018

Finance data will not be updated in reporting tools on Sunday, March 25. On Sunday, data will remain as of Saturday at approximately midnight. UM Analytics, UM Reports, Web Query Tool, Legacy Data Warehouse. Data from Saturday and Sunday will be loaded on Monday morning, March 26 by approximately 8:00 a.m. For more information on the project, ServiceNow users can reference CHG004338. During the weekend updates will be available on the University’s Service Status page.

Expense Preparers 3/21/2018

Alert! Awareness item for this week/weekend! People updating direct deposit info in anticipation of an expense reimbursement

Due to system maintenance, people expecting expense reimbursements who also make changes to their direct deposit information in MyU for the remainder of the week may not see their expense reimbursement deposited to any updated Balance of Net Pay account (it would go to whatever their Balance of Net Pay account was at end of business today, March 21). This situation only applies to people updating their Balance of Net Pay direct deposit information Thursday March 22 through Sunday March 25 who are also receiving payment for an expense reimbursement during or just after that same time frame. The data transfers of updated direct deposit information for expense reimbursements will be back to normal on Monday and any changes made during this period will be reflected in EFS then. Expense Reports can still be entered and processed and people can still make changes to their direct deposit information during this time but those direct deposit account changes won't be brought into EFS until Sunday evening.

All 3/25/2018

System maintenance this weekend 3/24 - 3/25
EFS will be unavailable beginning Saturday at noon for system maintenance and will be available again at 9:00 p.m. on Sunday. Check the System Status page for updates during the weekend.

Reporting 3/15/2018

Reporting Center - Finance issue resolved

Finance UM Reports are now available in the Reporting Center.

Expense Reports 3/14/2018

ER issue resolved (4:45 p.m.)

At approximately 3:55 p.m. today the Financial Helpline was alerted that a partially completed Expense Report was stuck in progress with the number "NEXT" and when people tried to create new expense reports (or reconcile PCard activity), that stuck report was appearing instead of the expected blank report. It looked to ER preparers like their Expense Report had the wrong name on it (it was someone else's name/not the one expected, and it was the same name every time) and the report had several lines of activity already included (airfare, etc.). This has been resolved--the stuck document was removed from the system. If similar issues occurred after 4:45 p.m. on 3/14 (Wednesday), or occur in the future, please let us know right away via

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

All 3/9/2018 Period 8 is closed
Reporting 3/8/2018 UM Analytics Transaction Detail report update ​
Tonight at 5:00 p.m. a change will be made to the UM Analytics Transaction Detail report. The report is being modified to make it more printer friendly. Select columns will now wrap text providing a better fit for both the online view and when exporting/printing. The content of the report has not been changed.
All 3/5/2018

Save the date! April 24, 2018
The Financial Systems User Network (FSUN) is planning a general membership meeting for April 24. The agenda is not yet set, nor is the specific length of the meeting. It will be held in the Great Hall of Coffman Memorial Union. Registration information will be sent to the FSUN listserv as soon as the agenda is finalized. Remote attendance options will be available.

Perceptive Content 3/1/2018 Sunday March 4 Perceptive Content maintenance
On Sunday March 4, 2018, planned server maintenance is scheduled for 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. During that time WebNow will not be accessible. The rest of Perceptive Content services will be available. Please check IT Service Status for updates on Sunday morning.
All 2/13/2018

11:05 a.m. Resolved: system processing delays have been resolved.

Processing may resume as usual. Thanks for your patience!

Original post:
9:30 a.m. Please Refrain from Processing Transactions: There is a processing delay issue in the EFS production environment. System support staff are investigating. Please refrain from processing transactions. Updates will be posted here.

Payroll Accounting 2/12/2018

Year-End Payroll Adjustments Being Run Today
As part of the normal year-end process, Payroll Services runs an abbreviated year-end, off-cycle payroll to make year-end adjustments and check adjustments or reversals that affect employees' 2017 year-to-date amounts. This payroll was processed on Monday, February 12. As a result, you may see an additional UM Payroll Verification Reports for your department in the Reporting Center with a pay end date of 12/09/17. These payroll entries will post to the General Ledger on Wednesday evening with an accounting date of 02/14/18. Note: If there were no employees that had year-end adjustments, there will be no payroll verification report available for your area.

Payroll Accounting 2/12/2018 Payroll Accounting Direct Retro Processing Delays Continue
Direct retro distributions entered and approved after 11am on Thursday, February 8th will be processed this morning (Monday, February 12) between 11am and 1pm. The direct retros will post to the General Ledger this evening and be available on UM Reports tomorrow. We apologize for the continued delay in processing.
All 2/9/2018 Period 7 is now closed
Payroll Accounting 2/9/2018 Payroll Accounting Direct Retro Processing Delays
Direct retro distributions entered and approved after 11am on Thursday, February 8th will be processed this morning between 11am and 1pm. The direct retros will post to the General Ledger this evening and be available on UM Reports tomorrow.
ImageNow 2/9/2018 Both Perceptive Content and WebNow will be unavailable on Sunday February 11 from 8 am until noon.
All 2/5/2018

[RESOLVED] U Market Down

U Market is currently inaccessible. Engineers are investigating the issue. The message board will update as necessary. We apologize for the inconvience.

Update: As of 2/6/2018 U Market is accessible again.

All 1/29/2018

Foreign Payment Wire or Draft form changed

Form UM1732, Request Foreign Payment Wire or Draft, was updated to include newly required fields for wire payments. Our banking partner now requires that we supply the Supplier City and Country before a wire can be initiated. 

Requisitions, Purchasing 1/11/2018

Alert for requisition preparers who use the Mass Change feature

Many equipment-related POs were closed this past month because asset profile information was mysteriously missing, preventing payments and the capitalization process from occurring for these POs. The involved departments had to create new POs so that the assets could be properly classified and put into service. The issue is caused when a requisition preparer uses the "Mass Change" feature on the summary page while creating a requisition. Clicking on certain options when applying the mass change feature will wipe out asset-related profile information. This causes the PO to drop any asset profile. Irreversible system errors occur later on when receiving and vouchering the PO, preventing the asset from being moved into service.

Requisition preparers: When using the Mass Change feature on asset-related requisitions, always choose the option "All Distribution Lines". (Important: If you choose “Replace or Matching” when creating a requisition that involves an asset, it will wipe out the asset-related data. This will result in receiving a vouchering errors once the PO is created.)

Distribution Change Options window shown with 'All Distribution Lines' selected.

All 1/10/2018 Accounting period 6 is now closed.
All 1/5/2018 PeopleSoft, MyU will not be available Saturday through Sunday 
Annual maintenance of the University's primary data center is scheduled for this weekend, which will require a complete shutdown of the data center and will affect many IT services, including MyU and PeopleSoft. The work is set to begin Saturday, January 6, at 6:00 a.m.and is expected to be completed by noon (2 p.m. for EFS) on Sunday, January 7. The shutdown will not affect University email, Google applications, Moodle, or Canvas. See a complete list of affected services or visit the University's IT Service Status page for maintenance updates.
Travel, Expenses 1/1/2018 IRS business mileage rate now 54.5 cents per mile. Standard mileage rate for moving expenses is 18 cents per mile (remaining 36.5 cents are taxable). Forms, systems, and websites have been updated.

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