Chart of Accounts Manual


Project answers the question, “What is the project activity for which I need to capture financial information?”

  • Eight numeric characters.
  • Values assigned by Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA).
  • Only those activities managed in the Project Costing module use the Project ChartField. (A program value identifies activities that do not use the Project Costing module.)
  • Each project value has an attribute that identifies a function code.
  • Projects are used to track a unique group of accounting transactions in order to capture information on a particular project activity with specific budgetary, accounting, or regulatory requirements that are supported by the the Financial System Project Costing module. Characteristics of valid project types are identified below.

The Project Costing module is required for use with the following project types:

  • Sponsored projects – projects with an external sponsor managed through the University’s Sponsored Projects Administration.
  • Construction in progress – building projects which will result in a capitalized item managed through Facilities Management.

Use of the Project Costing module for other project types requires approval by the Office of the Controller. Approved project types will demonstrate a business need for the functionality provided in the Project Costing module, and the projects will have at least four of the following characteristics:

  • A separate budget with line item budgetary restrictions (by Account or budget-only Account).
  • A defined life cycle (specific begin and end dates) independent of the University’s fiscal year.
  • Support from revenue received through letter of credit processing.
  • A clearly defined outcome.
  • A principal investigator.

Project Costing Business Unit (PCBU)

PCBU is required when Project is used. It consists of five alpha characters. PCBU identifies the type of business for a Project.

PCBU Values:

  • UMSPR for sponsored projects.
  • UMCIP for construction in progress that will result in a capitalized item.


The Activity ChartField is required when the Projects module is used, but currently has no meaning for the University of Minnesota. Only the value of “1” will be used.

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