RRC-specific Program Values

Chart of Accounts Manual

Program codes may be requested for use by a single department when the need aligns with the strategy statement and definition for the Program ChartField. Function assignment must be approved by Accounting Services. The activities tracked using any Program code must fit the parameters of the assigned Function. Where a Program code will be unique to an RRC, the first two characters of the Program value denote the RRC. Use the list posted on this web site for reference.



    First two characters

    AAPRV Academic Affairs & Provost,Sr VP AA
    AESXX Agricultural Experiment Station AE
    AHCSH AHC Shared Units HC
    ATHLX Intercollegiate Athletics IC
    AUDIT Internal Audit IA
    AUXSV Auxiliary Services AS
    CBSXX College of Biological Sciences BS
    CCEXX College of Continuing Education CE
    CEHDX College of Education/Human Dev EH
    CFANS College of Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci FA
    CLAXX College of liberal Arts LA
    CONTR Controller's Office CO
    CPPMX Capital Planning/Project Mgmt CP
    CSENG College of Science & Engineering SE
    CSOMX Carlson School of Management CM
    DENTX School of Dentistry DT
    DESGN College of Design (CDES) OS
    EQDIV Equity & Diversity ED
    ESPXX Enterprise Systems Project ES
    FMXXX Facilities Management FM
    GPSTR Global Programs & Strategy Alliance GP
    GRADX Graduate School GS
    HHHXX Humphrey School of Public Affairs PA
    HLSCI Health Sciences, Sr VP HS
    LAWXX law School LS
    LIBRX University libraries UL
    MEDXX Medical School MS
    MNEXT MN Extension Service EX
    NURSG School of Nursing NS
    OGCXX General Counsel GC
    OHRXX Office of Human Resources HR
    OITXX Information Technology IT
    PHARM College of Pharmacy RX
    PRESD Office of the President OP
    PUBHL School of Public Health PH
    PUBSF Public Safety PS
    RGNTS Board of Regents BR
    RSRCH Research RS
    SAAAU System Acad Admin, Acad Units AU
    SAAVP System Acad Admin,Sr VP SS
    SCAXX Scholarly & Cultural Affairs SC
    STDAF Student Affairs SA
    SUFIN Systemwide - Reassign SR
    SYSWD Systemwide SW
    UDEBT Debt DB
    UEDUC Undergraduate Education UE
    UFINX University Budget & Finance BF
    UHLSF University Health & Safety UH
    UMCXX All areas at Crookston CC
    UMDXX All areas at Duluth DC
    UMMXX All areas at Morris MC
    UMRXX All areas at Rochester RC
    URELX University Relations UR
    USERV University Services US
    VETMD College of Veterinary Medicine VM


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