Changes to the Chart of Accounts for FY2018

Chart of Accounts Manual

Each year the University may make certain changes to the Chart of Accounts. Suggestions are welcome from the community: send them to the Controller's Office via the University Financial Helpline. While all suggestions are considered and evaluated, not all suggested changes will be made to the COA (this may be due to conflicting or duplicate requests, regulatory requirements, etc.).


The following changes were posted on 3/19/2018

520222 Updated Definition
720704 Updated Definition and Description

The following changes were posted on 3/8/2018

730214 Updated Long and Short Descriptions. Updated Definition
200262 New Account
200260 Updated Definition.
710616 New Account
200109 New Account
110101 New Account
710601 Updated Definition
720611 New Account
720322 Updated Definition
720705 New Account
420201 Updated Definition
440101 Updated Definition
421201 Updated Definition
110034 New Account
720701 Updated Definition
520222 New Account
520218 Updated Definition