ChartField 3 (ChartField3 FinEmplID)

Chart of Accounts Manual

ChartField 3, or FinEmplID as it is sometimes known, is an optional/conditional ChartField and may be used to track financial activity at a more detailed level than that supported by the required ChartFields. Use of this ChartField may be conditional, meaning that it is required in some situations (often in combination with specific required values, e.g., Fin EmplID values are required in combination with Program 20083 Undergraduate Research Op EmplID to aid in tracking funds awarded by student). More often, use of CF3 is optional and is determined by the RRC manager or departmental administrators (e.g., use of a CF2 value to track financial activity related to a non-credit course).

CF3 answers the question, “If this financial activity needs to be tracked by individual employee, to which employee should this transaction be assigned?”

  • Seven numeric characters corresponding to the employee’s EmplID in the Human Resources Management System (HRMS).
  • Optional and conditional; use of some Program values requires the Fin EmplID.
  • Associates activity with an individual.
  • Provides an additional level of detail below DeptID or Program.

Use a CF3 value only when the financial responsibility is assigned to a specific person (e.g., an allocation of start-up funding for a professor). The CF3 should not be part of the ChartField string if a person is responsible for the funds because of their current position/appointment and the responsibility will transfer if the that individual leaves the University.

Units may set internal policies requiring the use of CF3 without the requirement becoming a system edit. In this situation, monitoring, enforcement, and ensuring data integrity is the responsibility of the unit, not central administration.

CF3 may be used to track activity for students if there is a valid business need for a student’s ID number to be a value in the financial system, and the use of the student’s ID does not violate privacy requirements. Student CF3 values may not be used to track financial aid awards.

EmplIDs for employees are automatically loaded as CF3 values upon the first day of their University appointment. A CF3 that is needed for a newly hired employee before the start of their employment or for a student receiving an allocation not related to financial aid may be requested using the BPEL ChartField Value request process.


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