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Chart of Accounts Manual

ChartField 1 and ChartField 2 Values (Google Sheet)

ChartField 2 is an optional/conditional ChartField and may be used to track financial activity at a more detailed level than that supported by the required ChartFields. Use of this ChartField may be conditional, meaning that it is required in some situations (often in combination with specific required values, e.g., Fin EmplID values are required in combination with Program 20083 Undergraduate Research Op EmplID to aid in tracking funds awarded by student). More often, use of CF2 is optional and is determined by the RRC manager or departmental administrators (e.g., use of a CF2 value to track financial activity related to a non-credit course).

CF2 is an optional ChartField. CF2 allows departments the flexibility to identify the parameters that are uniquely important to them. CF2 consists of ten numeric characters.

  • Optional.
  • Short and Long Description defined at the department, college, or RRC level.
  • Values assigned centrally – next available number.
  • Used to identify a subset of activity that may cross other ChartField parameters.

Although values can be requested by any unit, they will be assigned and established centrally to prevent departments from overwriting one another’s setup or establishing values that duplicate existing ones. Any department may use any existing value if the description meets their needs (e.g., a value description of Freshman may be useful to many departments).

A department may submit a request to change a CF2 value description only if the value was established at the request of that unit and that unit is the only one using that value.

ChartField 2 Sample Value List

CF2 Value Long Description
1000017826 Prizment MICA Colorectal Awd
1000017865 CGHSR Uganda House
1000017891 Coaching Salaries
1000017893 Dickerson Gopher A Cure
1000017909 Sailing Sport Club
1000017910 Med Missions Spring (Even Yrs)
1000017942 Strategic Research Initiatives
1000017945 Learning Informatics Lab
1000017966 Lions-Misono-Larynx Vibrotact


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