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ChartField 1 and ChartField 2 Values (Google Sheet)

ChartField 1 is an optional/conditional ChartField and may be used to track financial activity at a more detailed level than that supported by the required ChartFields. Use of this ChartField may be conditional, meaning that it is required in some situations (often in combination with specific required values, e.g., Fin EmplID values are required in combination with Program 20083 Undergraduate Research Op EmplID to aid in tracking funds awarded by student). More often, use of CF1 is optional and is determined by the RRC manager or departmental administrators (e.g., use of a CF2 value to track financial activity related to a non-credit course).

CF1 values are established based on defined strategies that cross departmental boundaries. A CF1 value may indicate a subset of activity below the Fund, DeptID, or Program level, but the strategies generally meet an institutional need that crosses departmental boundaries.

  • Ten alpha-numeric characters, with the initial alpha characters indicating the CF1 value type (strategy).
  • Optional or conditional, depending on use and strategy.
  • Values may be user-requested provided they fall within one of the approved strategies.

ChartField1 strategies

CF1 Value Type Strategy Value Plan Value Sample Short & Long Desc Value Owner Maintenance
BioMADE Enable tracking of BioMADE projects. Use BM for the first two characters, then the 8-digit Project value for the final 8 digits. BMXXXXXXXX Provided by the department tracking the activity. Value request process. Values added upon request by the department using the CF1 value.
Investment Management Identify investment manager of University investments (University Office of Investments and Banking use only) Values determined by the Office of Investment and Banking and Treasury Accounting CEFXXXXXXX Investment manager name Values identified by Office of Investment and Banking and Treasury Accounting Values added as determined by the Office of Investment and Banking and Treasury Accounting.
University Endowments (Target ChartField Strings) Enable departments to tie revenue and expense activity to the University endowment that is supporting the activity by using a CF1 value to identify the endowment in target ChartField strings or other current- Fund ChartField strings. Use END in the first three characters, then two zeros, then Program number for the endowment as the last 5 characters. END00E1023 Endowment Name Users request new CF1 values based on Program value assigned to the endowment. Business process to establish CF1 value when Endowment value is added.
External Sales ID Support tracking of external sales by External Sales Action Form (ESAF) and External Sales Contract (ESC) number. Use E as the first character, then the ESAF value in the next 4 characters, then the ESC value in the final 5 characters. E123498765 (1234 - ESAF; 98765 - ESC) Provided by the department conducting the sales User conducting external sales in coordination with the External Sales Office. Values added upon request by the department conducting the sale based on approved, numbered ESAF and ESC.
Partner Departments Use a CF1 value that mimics a DeptID value to enable activity to be connected with a partner department. Use DPTID in the first five characters, then the 5 digit DeptID assigned to the partner department. DPTID45648 DeptID Short or Long Description Office of Budget and Finance Values added as new DeptIDs are created.
MN Medical Foundation See U of M Foundation below. Enable departments to tie activity in the financial system to the MMF fund that is supporting the activity when necessary. Prior to June 3, 2013, used MMF in first three characters, three zeros, then UMF Fund number as last 4 characters. These are represented as UMF001#### post-merger. MMF0002345 pre-merger UMF001#### post-merger MMF Fund Name Electronic file from MMF Values added upon request by the department using the CF1 value.
4H Foundation Enable UM Extension to align corresponding operating account strings (General Ledger) to the appropriate 4H fund. Use first three digits to characterize the 4H Foundation, followed by four zeros, then 3 digits for the respective fund in the system. 4HF0000180 4H Foundation Fund name or objective of the Fund. Values submitted by UM Extension Values added upon request by UM Extension
CPPM Non- capitalized Projects Enable Capital Planning and Project Management to tie the project identifiers from their project management system to financial information in the financial system for projects that are not expected to result in capitalized items and so will not be managed in the financial system Projects module. Use P in the first character followed by the nine digit CPPM number. Add zeros between the P and the CPPM number if the CPPM number is less than 9 digits. PXXXXXXXXX Provided by CPPM Values submitted by CPPM Add values upon request by CCPM.
University Commitments Enable sponsoring units to track financial details on commitments made through an ongoing, formal award process sponsored by a vice president, dean or equivalent administrative officer.  Sponsor of the commitment will determine when the University Commitment designation should override another CF1 strategy (like foundation fund designation). This CF1 strategy may only be used when there is an ongoing, formal award process. CF2 will be used for other RRC or department-specific value requests. Use UC in the first two characters followed by the two- five character short description for the RRC's budget-only DeptID value. The following characters may be assigned by the RRC to create a value with 10 characters. UCMED00001 Description provided by the unit making the award Value request process Values added upon request after verification of ongoing, formal award process. Request for use of strategy must be submitted by the RRC Manager of the sponsoring unit.
U of M Foundation Enable tracking in the University’s financial system of financial activity associated with specific UMF funds. (UMF requires an invoice with a ChartField string that includes a CF1 value in order to release funds to the University.) For all new funds established with UMF, after UMF/MMF merger in June 2013, use UMF in the first three characters, 002, then new UMF Fund number as last 4 characters (UMF002####).
Prior to June 3, 2013, used UMF in first three characters, three zeros, then UMF Fund number as last 4 characters.
UMF0001234 pre-merger UMF00021234 post-merger UMF Fund Name Value request process. Values added upon update of CF1 value descriptions entered by users in the Donor Management System of the UMF.
Year Enable units to track by year when other strategies for CF1 are not applicable. CF2 values for years have also been established. Use YR in the first two characters, then four zeros, then the four-digit year as the last four characters. YR00002007 Year Establish values from 2000 through 2025 at start- up. Add additional years if/when need arises.
Employee Benefits Programs Enable HR to track payments to vendors for the various Employee benefits programs. Use BEN in first three characters, followed by the programs name, with zeros in any additional spaces to 10 characters. BEN0Medica Provided by Employee Benefits Accounting Values requested by Employee Benefits Accounting Add additional values if/when need arises.
Agricultural Experiment Station Awards Support management and reporting needs of Federal Awards made to various University departments by the Agricultural Experiment Station. Use AES as the first three characters, then two zeros, then the 5 digits of the AES CRIS Project number. Some awards made by AES do not tie to AES CRIS projects and will be numbered separately. AES0010014 Short Description: CRIS10- 014; Long Desc: AES CRIS PROJECT 10-014 Values submitted by AES Values added upon request by AES.
Admissions & Financial Aid Funds Assign CF1 values to admissions and financial aid awards not associated with a foundation or endowment in support of U-wide scholarship funds management. First characters designate scholarship, followed by campus designation.  Remaining characters are a numeric designation. SCHTC05034 (SCH: Scholarship) TC05034 (TC: Twin Cities campus) U Promise Scholarship or award description. Values determined by Office of Student Finance Values added upon request by the Office of Student Finance. 
Office of Information Technology Assign CF1 values by type of service provided by OIT for tracking and monitoring purposes. First characters indicate OIT department.  Remaining numbers represent the different service types. OIT0000001 (OIT: Office of  Information Technology)  0000001 is messaging and calendaring services Service description Values determined by Office of Information Technology. Values added upon request by the Office of Information Technology.


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