Imaging system: missing documentation exception reports

Current exception reports

Imaging exception reports are posted and available for review.

  • Vouchers are posted by origin code. (xlsx) (March  16, 2020)
  • Expense Reports (includes PCard activity) posted by RRC of the department charged. (xlsx) (March 18, 2020)

To view data, double click on the total in the right hand column associated with your RRC unit or Origin code.

In accordance with University of Minnesota policy, support documentation for all payment transactions must be retained. All documentation should be scanned and linked in the imaging system by the end of the month.

Schedule for report generation

Imaging exception reports are generated and posted on this website on approximately the 15th of the month.

Types of transactions involved


Exceptions will contain the missing Vouchers with entry dates through the end of the previous month.


EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. A VCPS/EDI voucher starts as a requisition entered by a preparer. Once it is approved/fully processed and ready to move to the next step, the system creates the voucher. Since the system does the work, the 'source' on the VCPS voucher is EDI. Reminder, a VCPS is a payment to a vendor for professional services less than $3,000.

Expense Reports

Exceptions will contain the missing PCard and Expense Reports with entry dates through the end of the previous month.


Questions About Imaging


Cluster Director change?

If a Cluster Director is being replaced, contact us via email at Please be sure to copy your unit's Dean or VP to ensure they are aware of the change.