Cluster Directors List

Official list

Contacting all the Cluster Directors

A listserv is maintained for contacting all of the Cluster Directors. Contact to update the list or if you'd like to distribute something to your fellow Cluster Directors.

Cluster Director change?

If a Cluster Director is being replaced, contact us via email: Please be sure to copy your unit's Dean or VP to ensure they are aware of the change.

2xx codes are not officially clusters but are used by authorized units for data entry and upload.

Chief Financial Managers and RRC Contacts

Chief Financial Manager (CFM) and RRC Contact information can be viewed on the CFM/RRC staff contact list. (Google Sheet)

Origin Description Cluster Director Email RRC
001 Morrill Hall Shared Services Team Ooi Le AAPRV, EQDIV, PRESD, URELX, UEDUC, GRADX
002 AA - Boynton Benjamin Hickman STDAF
003 AA - Student Unions & Activities Tracy McCall STDAF
004 AA - Recreation and Wellness Karen Lovro STDAF
005 Merged with cluster 001; cluster 005 is no longer in use. 07/01/2015      
006 Merged with cluster 001; cluster 006 is no longer in use.      
007 Ag Experiment Station Valerie Linhoff AESXX
008 AHC - Medical School Wade Schaap or
009 Merged with cluster 008; cluster 009 is no longer in use.      
010 AHC - School of Nursing Diane Steinhoff NURSG
011 AHC - College of Pharmacy Craig Muntifering PHARM
012 AHC - School of Dentistry Rahfat Hussain DENTX
013 AHC - School Public Health Tamara Hink PUBHL
014 Office of Acad & Clinical Affairs Angela King


015 AHC - College of Veterinary Medicine Annie Branan VETMD
016 Athletics, Intercollegiate Carol Flannigan ATHLX
017 Libraries - Minitex Terry Beseman LIBRX
018 CBS - College of Biological Sciences Juli Pelletier CBSXX
019 Office of the General Counsel Karen Wagner OGCXX
020 Budget & Finance Emily Larson UFINX
021 CSOM - Carlson School of Management Nicole Berg CSOMX
022 CCAPS - College of Continuing and Professional Studies
[formerly College of Continuing Education (CCE)]
Kris Johnson CCEXX
023 CFANS - College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resources Science Patty Hoag  CFANS
024 CLA - College of Liberal Arts Scott Appelwick CLAXX
025 CDes - College of Design Stephanie Dilworth DESGN
026 Controller's Office & Internal Audits & Board of Regents Patricia Samberg AVPFN, AUDIT, RGNTS, portions of UFINX
027 Crookston Campus Tricia Sanders UMCXX
028 Duluth Campus Sue Bosell UMDXX
029 CE+HD - College of Education + Human Development Kimberly Ruzek CEHDX
030 Minnesota Extension Richard Konkol MNEXT
031 Merged with cluster 014.      
032 Merged with cluster 014.      
033 Humphrey School of Public Affairs Mark Erickson


034 College of Science and Engineering Jay Delaney or

035 Global Programs and Strategy Alliance (GPS) Missy Peterson GPSTR
036 Law School Mark Erickson LAWXX
037 Libraries Khanh Tran LIBRX
038 Morris Campus Melissa Wrobleski UMMXX
039 Office of the VP for Research & Graduate School Julie Parker RSRCH
040 OIT - Office of Information Technology Heather Nisan OITXX & ERPXX
041 Rochester Campus Amy Kromminga UMRXX
042 Merged with cluster 001; cluster 042 is no longer in use. 07/01/2015      
043 U Services - Facilities/CPPM/UHS/DPS Michelle Prytz USERV, CPPMX, FMXXX, UHLSF, PUBSF, OHRXX
044 Merged with cluster 008; cluster 044 is no longer in use. 7/1/12      
045 Merged with cluster 008; cluster 045 is no longer in use. 7/1/12      
046 U Services - Auxiliary Services Pam Oslund AUXSV
047 Merged with cluster 043; cluster 047 is no longer in use. 11/1/13      
048 Benefits Programs Doug Swyter OHRXX
049 Enterprise Resource Planning Mike Dowdle ERPXX

2xx codes are not officially clusters but are used by authorized units for data entry and upload.

Procurement Source Description Procurement Source Contact
201 Addressing & Mailing Pam Oslund
202 Binding Services Pam Oslund
203 Bookstores Pam Oslund
204 Concerts & Lectures SCAXX
205 Fleet Services Pam Oslund
206 Housing & Residential Life Pam Oslund
207 Office Equipment Services Pam Oslund
208 Parking & Transportation Pam Oslund
209 Printing Services Pam Oslund
210 U Card Pam Oslund
211 Univ Dining Services Pam Oslund
212 University Stores Pam Oslund
213 Veterinary Diagnostic Lab VETMD
214 Facilities Management-Duluth UMDXX
215 Capital Planning&ProjMgmt-TC Michelle Prytz
216 Facilities Management-TC Michelle Prytz
217 Law Library-Twin Cities Shaan Hamilton/ Mark Erickson
218 University Library-Twin Cities Judy Novak
219 University Library - Duluth Sue Bosell
220 Enterprise Application Svcs Mike Dowdle
221 Acad Distributed Computer Svcs Mike Dowdle
222 Networking & Telecom Svcs Mike Dowdle
223 Research Animal Resources Julie Parker
224 CSENG (Chemistry) College of Science & Engineering
225 Federal Express Central Admin/ Disbursements
226 Payables Batch ID Central Admin/ Disbursements
227 Payables Batch ID Central Admin/ Disbursements
228 University Services Pam Oslund
229 University Services

Pam Oslund

230 Department of Public Safety Michelle Prytz
231 University Health & Safety Michelle Prytz
232 Central Disbursements ApprReq Central Admin/ Disbursements
233 Central Disbursements Pre-Appr Central Admin/ Disbursements
234 Recurring Voucher Contracts Central Admin
235 SubAwards and SubContracts/SPA Central Admin/ SPA
236 Duluth Pre-Approved Sue Bosell
237 AHC OACA Pre-Approved Angela King
238 Cancer Center Pre-Approved Angela King
239 Contingent/Research PreApproved Central Admin/ Treasury Accounting
240 ECE - Pre Approved Linda Bullis
241 Rents - Pre Approved Real Estate
242 ALRT Adm Center Health Sciences
234 Genomics Health Sciences
CRE Chrome River Central Admin
PYR Payroll Interface Central Admin
USF Student Finance Records Central Admin
Billing Source Description Billing Source Contact
201 Sponsored Financial Reporting Central Admin
202 Accounts Receivable Services Central Admin
203 Merchant Bank Card Processing Central Admin
204 Networking & Telecom Services Heather Nisan OITXX
206 PUF Distribution Central Admin
208 Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Sarah Goulet VETMD
209 Caenorhabditis Genetics Center
210 Parking & Transportation Pam Oslund AUXSV
211 Destiny One Registration System Central Admin
212 University Book Stores Pam Oslund AUXSV
213 Center for Farm Financial Management Lori Buboltz CFANS
214 Real Estate Office Michelle Prytz USERV
215 Travel Expense Reimbursement Central Admin
216 Employee Benefits Billing Doug Swyter OHRXX