Desktop Deposit Resources

These processes were formerly managed by the Bursars Office.

Desktop deposit resources


The last remaining Bursar Office closed June 28, 2013. The Office of the Bursar reported to the Office of Investments and Banking (OIB). OIB and the Controller's Office partner to support the above processes.

Where do students pay their tuition and fees?
Information for students on how to pay their tuition and fees is available here:

Where can I cash my University of Minnesota check?
Checks should be cashed at your own bank. University employees should consider signing up for direct deposit, so your paycheck and any expense reimbursements are deposited directly into your bank account.

I used to get change from the Bursar for my department operations. How do I get change?
Contact the Office of Investments & Banking (OIB) at 612-624-5558 for information.