AP01 Vendor Information

A Purchasing and Payables Process of Disbursement Services

Throughout this website, you will see the words "vendor" and "supplier" used interchangeably. In PeopleSoft, fields and functions use the word "supplier".

Supplier Authorization Form

Formerly known as the Vendor Authorization Form, or VAF

This form and other finance-related forms can be found in the UWide Forms Library. This form must be completed and sent to Disbursement Services before a vendor can be set up in the financial system.

Disbursement Services' goal is to process vendor forms within three to five days of receipt. Almost one-third of the forms submitted require additional time due to the information not being legible or required documents not being submitted with the form. To expedite the processing of vendor requests, please follow the guidelines listed below.

Form Processing Tips

  1. Best practice when requesting a vendor to be set up is for the department to obtain the information directly from the vendor and type the data onto the Supplier Authorization Form (pdf). Handwritten forms are extremely difficult to read and can result in incorrect vendor information.

  2. The Description of Services/Reason for Payment is a required field.

  3. For new vendors, requesters are required to send vendors a W9 (pdf) to complete. The completed and signed W9 should be submitted along with the form.

  4. If the new vendor is a Sole Proprietor or Individual, departments are required to complete and submit the Independent Contractor Authorization Form (pdf) along with the other forms.

  5. For changes to existing vendors, unless there is a vendor name change or tax ID change, a W9 is not required. The Independent Contractor Authorization form is not needed for changes.

  6. Don't forget to complete the "University Department Contact" section at the bottom of the page. This section is critical for a vendor set up because it contains the fax/email information of the requester. If the information is not completed, Vendor Maintenance does not know who to contact if there is a question regarding the form but most importantly we do not know to whom to send the vendor number if this information is missing.

  7. Do not submit a separate fax cover sheet.